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Establishing a relationship with any business partner takes time, effort and money. While such an investment can often make management resistant to switching, it is vital to ignore any sunk costs and recognise that if the relationship has failed, nothing will salvage it. Preserving a partnership that no longer delivers value is a costly mistake, and understanding why, when and how to switch will be key to your decision making.

Your Guide to Switching

Never fear though, the My365 team are here to help! This guide will help you to be objective, considered and, above all else, decisive when switching to a new business partner. This guide will help you to recognise if/when a change is necessary along with tips on how to find the most effective process in following through.

Inside you’ll find:

  • How to measure/ review performance of your current partner
  • Reviewing your strategy in line with your technology requirements
  • Help deciding on the best time to switch
  • How to communicate effectively throughout the switch over

Ready to start the process? Your download is just a click away. But first we need a few details from you:

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