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How To Plan For Systems Training

According to a survey conducted by Forrester Research, “people” issues are the biggest challenge to a successful system implementation. So, how can we overcome this? By creating a comprehensive training plan, that’s destined for success, of course!

Throughout your organisation, people will have different abilities and learning styles. When planning your systems training, it will be key that you take this into consideration! Everyone learns in different ways, and what will work for one, may not be what’s suitable for the masses. It’s crucial that a well thought out training plan forms part of your roll-out, and this document is here to help you do just that!

Embrace Change With Positive Learning

The fact is, no one likes to change, but if it’s enforced in a positive way you’ll notice more of an instant impact. Download this guide to understand:

  • Tips to understand your audience and tailor training content
  • How to show the benefits along with the features
  • User manuals- to have or not to have
  • Steps to success – practical takeaways to help you get started fast

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