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Calculating ROI is probably the biggest hurdle when building a business case for a new project or solution. It’s the first thing the board want to know. How much is it going to cost? And how much are we going to get in return? In reality, the calculations should be straight forward, but the serious struggle comes in when you’re trying to get everyone else to see the bigger picture.

But fear no more, the Dynamics 365 experts are here.

Get To Grips With ROI Calculations

If this all sounds way to familiar, then this document can help you get started and master the dark art of calculating ROI. This download includes help with:

  • Identifying tangible returns
  • Reconciling return against anticipated costs
  • How to measure actual performance
  • How to bring it all together.

And while this guide is designed to help you calculate the ROI of your new CRM or ERP project, the information provided can also act as a useful guide on how to apply ROI calculations to any area of your business.

Before you get started, we just need a few details from you:

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