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Investing in new technologies and embarking on a large change project is up there with the big complexities, that come with running a successful business. But you don’t have to go it alone. There are thousands of highly skilled business partners out there to help you get started and provide support along the way too. Selecting the right one is the hard part.

Guide to Selecting A Business Partner

From strategic project planning, through to after-care support, this guide will help you understand what to look for (and what not to) when selecting a new business partner. In this guide you will find tips on:

  • Sourcing an industry specialist to meet your business needs
  • Finding a partner who can support your post-project
  • Tips to understand whether your partner has the right skill-sets
  • Questions to ask your partner shortlist

So, to help you identify your perfect IT Partner, we have devised the ultimate business partner checklist formula. Tick through the criteria when shortlisting and make the final selection a breeze by only considering those that make the final cut!

Before you get started, we just need a few details from you:

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