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Every business unit will have a vested interest in a widespread technology rollout, but this does not mean that everyone’s last wish should be granted. While we will never stop shouting about the importance of feedback, the success of implementation will boil down to one single plan.

No-one enjoys being the parent who says no, however, without some discipline installed from an early stage, you would end up raising a monster. That’s where the importance of ‘one version of the truth’ comes in. That truth, lies within your scoping document and project plan. At this stage this is your Gospel!

Avoid Scope Creep

This guide will give you an insightful overview, along with key takeaways on how to keep your project under control. Inside you’ll find:

  • How to establish ‘The Project’ Bible
  • Tips on appointing a delivery team
  • How to prioritise deliverables
  • Vendor management advice
  • When and how to invite project feed back
  • Practical takeaways to get started right away

Before you get started, we just need a few details from you:

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